Keep all the balls in the air and if one drops, it will eventually bounce back.

Right before i returned to work full time about six weeks ago, a very close friend advised:

Please don’t dis-illusion yourself about finding a work-life balance. That is the biggest load of crap and just leads to feeling inadequate on both fronts. It about juggling. Keep all the balls in the air and if one drops, it will eventually bounce back.”

She definitely hasn’t been the only one to say that – a number of very high level, successful women, have , over the years, also told me that it’s really all about juggling.

This morning i wrote to Juintow about revising the title description of our blog, because, having been back full throttle at work, i felt very strongly that there is no such thing as balancing, or even attempting to balance, motherhood with career.

how timely then, that this article got published today:


Anne-Marie Slaughter: Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

Women, she concludes, have done all the contorting that they can possibly do to cram their dual desires for work and children into the workplace as it exists. Now it is time for the workplace to cram, contort and change, instead.

“I strongly believe that women can ‘have it all’ (and that men can too),” she writes. “I believe that we can ‘have it all at the same time.’ But not today, not with the way America’s economy and society are currently structured.”


have a read- i very much appreciate her frankness – and am curious to hear yours.

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