Some things we’ve grown to love – and can’t possibly imagine a life without….

Juintow’s List

For Infants

  • Moby Wrap – This is my favorite baby carrying device for when babies are small. It’s amazing the way it works to keep baby close. The only thing is – it can be hot, probably not the best carrier for hot temperatures.

For Babies

  • Ergo Baby Carrier – My go to baby carrier after 12 lbs. Before this, I use a sling, the Moby, and the Bjorn.

For Toddlers

  • Carseat Accessory for TravelQuite possibly the best money I’ve ever spent. Traveling with two kids under 3 alone is made a lot easier with this device. Ori goes go in the Ergo on my back, while Juneau goes in his carseat attached to my carry-on, with the diaper bag and purse on my shoulder. Having a carseat for the older one is not only safer but allowed me to take Ori for a diaper change while Juneau was napping on the plane.
  • Happy Tot – For on-the-go moments, these pouch sized snacks come in handy. We use subscribe and save on Amazon to save an extra 5%.
  • First Years Take and Toss Feeding Set – We have two of these sets – they say take and toss but are actually useful for everyday use. They stack well (even in the smallest of kitchens – like ours) and even come with a nice bag – useful for toting lunch to and from daycare.

Work Related

  • Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500 – I purchased this item last year and it has cut down on my filing time, allowed me to find documents, and simplify my life. It’s a bit spendy but worth every penny. I also keep all my files on dropbox so if the house burns down (and this, sadly had happened to me before) at least all the scanned documents are safe
  • Ooma Internet Telephone System – We initiated the switch to VOIP a while back by using Vonage. After discovering Ooma which has a one time fee, it didn’t make sense to shell out a monthly fee anymore. After using Ooma for nearly 4 years now, we have gone back to the monthly fee by adding the premium service. I do this only for the conference calling feature and call forwarding – as it’s worth the expense (they often have deals if you complain that the $10/mo is too high). I recommended this to Jean a while back and she is also a big fan.