Pre-birth to post partum and baby progress

Life with three kids under 5 is just great! It helps that we have decent jobs – our own company and teaching at a University. Both Michael and I have been on leave since March and and have therefore have had time to enjoy the moments. Here’s what we’ve been through the last several weeks in a nutshell from bed rest to post partum.

  • 4/25 (week 37) – went to see OB and had high blood pressure. She talked to my perinatologist and they decided to send me to the hospital until the baby was delivered – so…. I went from modified bed rest to strict bed rest, back to modified, and then now hospital bed rest. I checked in and had +3 protein in my urine. Nothing alarming but still indicative of PIH and pre-eclampsia. I noticed whenever I would walk around or talk, that my bp would be in the 140s-150s/90s. When just lying around, I was typically at 110/70.
  • 4/29 (week 37 and 5 days) – was heartbroken to hear that I have to get a c-section due to baby measuring large… nearly 9 lb.  Section scheduled for Friday night at 7pm. In the back of my head, I still believed we’d have a 7 lb baby since I had gained less weight than with other babies and our previous measurements were 1.5 lb heavier than our daughter weighed (son was 6 lb at 37 weeks and daughter 6 lb 7 oz at 38 weeks)
  • 5/3 (week 38 and 2 days) – c section went well and fast. the anesthesia was a bit weird. I felt out of it, and I didn’t like this feeling at all. It took a while for my brain to get back to normal. We were quite surprised to hear that she was 8 lb and 11 oz and also had a double nuchal chord, so it’s good we had the section.
  • 5/4 (1 day after birth) – I slept all day except the occasional nursing- was so completely exhausted and I could barely move. The kids came to visit and I think I was 80% asleep.
  • 5/5 (2 days after birth) – I felt completely different, didn’t need all the pain meds that I could have had, and was very alert/awake.
  • 5/6 (3 days after birth)- io lost some weight – 11, then 14% of her birth weight. Lactation consultant had me pump. Milk came in at night and she gained an oz after a weighed feeding. The pumping was probably a mistake as now I was slightly overproducing, and engorgement was very uncomfortable
  • 5/7 (4 days after birth)- home from hospital, pain seems reasonable, not sure why I shouldn’t go up and down stairs or drive, but trying to keep it easy, got the violent shivers the first night – from engorgement.
  • 5/13 – we had io’s first pediatrician visit out of the hospital, and she was 8 lb and 8 oz – so she should be at her birth weight right on schedule (usually takes 1-2 weeks). She was 22″ long. The nurse said that the original hospital measurements are a bit off since they are balled up for so long in the womb. I remember Juneau also grew 2″ in a few days. She is very healthy and doing well
  • 5/15 (1 week 5 days after birth)- off all pain killers, got my belly bandit – and ordered my bellefit. The lady at the store said that some people come over straight from the hospital to get these, and recommended not to take it off for 6 weeks, keeping it on 24 hours  a day. It’s a bit too uncomfortable for that, but I do plan to wear it for at least 8 hours a day. It helps a lot with the pain I feel when coughing, sneezing, and also helps mediate the harm done when my kids bump my incision, which seems like all the time.
  • 5/16 (1 week 6 days after birth) – all is well at two week appointment, incision looks great, only concern is the pain when I go to the bathroom (before during and after). OB said it’s because the bladder sits on top of the uterus so it was somewhat manipulated
  • 5/18 (2 weeks and one day) – got baby acne…. hope it doesn’t last too long. With my son, it lasted over 4 weeks.
  • 5/19 (2 weeks and one day)- got my bellefit, wearing it all day for now
  • 5/22 – below my pre-pregnancy weight, but it fluctuates daily … this seems to be bottom (the gestational diabetes diet kept my weight gain low, total gained was 19 lb. I gained 20 with my first, 30 with my second. I never lost the weight with the second until right before pregnant with io)
  • 5/24 – when on belly, she walks with feet, io can hold her head up when on her tummy
  • 5/22 – not nearly as painful when i pee, night time engorgement seems under control, far less need for nursing pads
  • 5/24 – still bleeding a bit… weird you don’t get 9 months of period, but so far it’s like i have 9 mos. of period all at one time .
  • 5/29 – got our eurovan popup so went camping at Big Bear (and looked at properties). io was a real trooper and camped like a pro at less than 4 weeks old!
  • 6/3 – we made it to one month. Everyone is doing just great. My c-sec is pretty much mostly recovered. I have been picking up the bigger kids here and there, although I should wait til I get the go-ahead at 6 weeks. I can barely tell I had surgery except for a spot of pain during the occasional cough.

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