Some Great Photography Apps

I just started playing around with a few new apps for taking pictures on my ipad. The two I have downloaded, Photosynth and 360 Panorama are great – I think I have a slight preference for Photosynth. I am using photosynth if I plan to shoot up and down and not just left/right, and 360 panorama if I plan to email flat images. I admit, I’ve only used these two apps for less than a week, so I still have lots to learn.


Clyfford Still Museum Interior Panorama


  • can shoot up and down, in addition to left and right
  • available on ipad
  • can manually shoot pictures, so it’s possible to fix mistakes
  • free
  • can embed into website with iframe shortcode


  • in facebook, it shows up small, it’s not interactive, and it’s nor formatted in a pretty manner
  • not available on android

360 panorama

see sample – Denver Museum of Contemporary Art Interior Panorama


  • when posting into facebook, one can preview the panorama without leaving the post or timeline
  • available on ipad
  • can email flat versions of the panorama
  • $0.99
  • can review images in three modes, flat and two types of stereographic


  • can’t find an easy way to shoot above the horizon – maybe I’m missing something?
  • not available on android
  • embed code for websites is not available, or not apparent
All in all, the options are impressive. I remember doing this manually in Photoshop back in the day.


One thought on “Some Great Photography Apps

  1. Hi Juintow!

    Thank you so much for reviewing 360 Panorama! I’m glad you liked some things about the app, and appreciate you pointing out areas we can work on. I wanted to let you know 2 things:

    First, 360 Panorama is available on Google Play! Here is a link: .

    Second, we do have embed codes for all uploaded panoramas! They can be found on your account page here: When you click the embed link next to the share button, the embed code will appear.

    Thanks again for blogging about us, we really appreciate it! After peaking around your blog, I’m hungry now. You have some awesome looking recipes!

    Sarah Jane
    Community Manager, Occipital

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