Pregnant and Bed rest at 39

So pregnancy for me is typically a breeze, until the third trimester…   Now that I’m in the third tri, all of the issues start cropping up. For Juneau (born when I was 35), I had pre-eclampsia (PIH) at 36 weeks and was induced at 37 weeks because my blood pressure was high. At least […] read more

Two Expecting Moms

Well…. It has been ages since I’ve posted anything.  Things have been busier than ever with our practice, and I have always blogged about pregnancy, but on my private blog. In any case, the news is that ……..Jean and I are both pregnant. I’m due May 15, and she’s due May 19. The Renz-Oeis were […] read more

Niko the Dog

Our  Alaska Malamute of 14 years passed away in his sleep last week – he was the most magnificent dog in the world. To celebrate his life, we gathered some of his favorite things, and flower/plants from his local walks, dug a hole, buried the items, and planted an apple tree above. Juneau says he […] read more

Weekly Chinese Lesson – Swimming = 游泳

篮球 is pronounced Yóuyǒng (pinyin) or yo yong. Swimming is all that’s on our mind lately – been watching all the Olympics and so many memorable performances. We also started swimming lessons for Juneau, got annual passes to our local pool complete with water park, and recently ventured into swimming in the harbor off our sailboat. read more

Weekly Chinese Lesson – Basketball = 篮球

篮球 is pronounced Lánqiú (pinyin) or lahn cho. As one might expect, 篮 means basket, and 球 means ball. Our oldest did a week of basketball camp. I think in retrospect he is a tad young for it, but everyone is different. Also looking forward to the beginning of basketball in the Olympics. If you haven’t already seen […] read more

Appreciating the Single Mom

My husband, Michael, travels a lot. Usually trips last 1-2 weeks, but this time, he’s on a 1-month haul. It has been an adjustment for me, since when he is here, he actually spends more time with the kids than I do. By the way, I should mention – I have an amazing husband. Anyway, […] read more
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