Two Expecting Moms


It has been ages since I’ve posted anything.  Things have been busier than ever with our practice, and I have always blogged about pregnancy, but on my private blog. In any case, the news is that ……..Jean and I are both pregnant. I’m due May 15, and she’s due May 19. The Renz-Oeis were visiting last November, and over dinner, Jean mentioned that they were pregnant. We see each other at best every few years so this is the kind of news to deliver in person (we were the first friends they told). After a very excited congratulations, and after hearing the baby was due in May, we couldn’t keep our news a secret a second longer.  We let our families know over Thanksgiving, so for a while the news was private between the designing mom families. It’s been great fun to have a friend to compare notes with.  I’ll add a good bump picture when I get one.


Jean, Asa, and baby.


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