Gestational Diabetes – Trying to make the most of it

JL-Blog-GDFood-01So, it took three pregnancies, but I’m finally getting a hang of the GD diet. I was recently moved back from strict bed rest to modified bed rest, so I am happy to spend some time in the kitchen, not much mind you. I never like to cook anything that takes longer than 10 minutes. My lunch today was perfect. There was no change in blood sugar after one hour. Using Dreamfields or wheat pasta will improve the numbers even more. The trick is to have the noodles be less than 1/4 of the ingredients, just pile veg and meat to make it look like more. We have also been making fried rice like this (extra eggs, veg, and meat) and have managed to stay within allowed blood sugar levels (140 mg/dL after meals).

So here is what went into it:

  1. cooked noodles stored in tupperware (cook a box and keep it for fast meals)
  2. left over rotisserie chicken from Costco (another great bed rest meal – send hubbie out to get it though)
  3. whatever veggies you have (I have used spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and broccoli)
  4. pine nuts would be great, but I didn’t have any
  5. two cloves of garlic
  6. half and half
  7. real Parmesan cheese (shredded/grated, etc.)
  8. 4-cheese or any cheese really

Throw them all in the frying pan with some olive oil on high heat until it looks ready. Sprinkle with some red pepper flakes. It was delicious to cook  for myself after two weeks of eating what is around or what people make for me. The process is less than 10 minutes to make and basically is heating food you have lying around.

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2 thoughts on “Gestational Diabetes – Trying to make the most of it

  1. I was on a strict GD diet when I was pregnant with my first, Charlie. I pretty much cut out pasta and rice since the allowed single serving was so small and it was just torture for me. It certainly helped maintain my blood sugar levels, and helped me lose weight (Charlie kept growing tho.)

    I had to maintain the GD diet for several months after having Charlie which was a good thing. I think the weight loss and the GD diet helped stave off GD for my second, Alex…that’s my theory anyway.

    Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well for you. When are you due?

  2. Wow did you really lose weight with your first pregnancy? That’s pretty amazing. I remember not gaining any more with Juneau (first) after I got on the GD diet, but never losing. I’m due May 15, although they will induce me at least 10 days earlier. I’m so impressed that you managed to avoid dealing with it the second time, and also that you managed to maintain sugar levels with just diet.