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    The Well-Fed Writer
    Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less

    by Peter Bowerman

    🔰 The Well-Fed Writer — Read More 🔰

    • Release date: December 3, 2005
    • Genres: writing, business, reference
    • Publisher: Fanove Publishing
    • Language: english
    • Author: Peter Bowerman
    • ISBN: 9780967059846 (0967059844)
    • Format: paperback, 304 pages

    About The Book


    In this era of entrepreneurialism, Atlanta freelancer Peter Bowerman shows those timid (but talented) souls how almost anyone can forge ahead as an independent writer. His advice is good, couched in brassy prose that is easy to read. He anticipates every conceivable question and issue, including typical charges, marketing oneself, types of available work, and dealing with deadbeats. There are great common-sense tips, too, in the psychology of handling clients who think they’re writers, those with limited budgets, and others demanding creativity. Personal anecdotes make the life of the freelancer real; the author includes samples of cold-calling scripts, thank-you notes, and a story or three about starting a writers’ group and partnering with other professionals.

    Book Description

    Dream of being a well-paid freelance writer? Long to carve out an enviable lifestyle with plenty of freedom, flexibility AND healthy income? But wait a minute…aren’t the words “starving” and “writer” forever joined at the hip? Not anymore.

    How about a writing direction with plenty of work, strong and growing demand for good writers, hourly rates of $50-100+ ($60-75 average) and where all time is billed? No flat fees with vast, open-ended commitments of time. Translation? Less time working to pay bills and more time pursuing your writing passions.

    We’re talking about freelance commercial writing — writing for business entities, large and small — the subject of The Well-Fed Writer, and quite possibly the answer for all aspiring writers who want to turn their love of writing into their living. The book was a triple-book-club-selection (Book-of-the-Month, Quality Paperback Book and Writer’s Digest) and earned several prestigious awards in 2001:

    1) Second place in the ForeWord magazine Book of the Year Awards (Career Category)

    2) Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest magazine National Self-Published Book Awards

    3) Finalist in the Publisher’s Marketing Association Ben Franklin Awards (Best First Book).

    Why commercial writing? In the past decade, two huge trends have sculpted the corporate American landscape: downsizing and outsourcing. Corporations are doing more with less: fewer people, less resources and smaller budgets. The workload is growing — especially with the exploding Internet — and many organizations rely heavily on freelancers to help them handle it.

    Why do corporations hire freelancers? For good solid economic and creative reasons. With a freelancer, corporations don’t have to pay salary, benefits, and vacation time. But they will pay a freelancer $60-80 (average) for their time. In addition, they pay only what they need when they need it. And with a network of freelancers, they get a broad spectrum of fresh talent (hard to get with in-house staff writers used to writing about the same topics day after day) which they can form-fit to their specific writing needs.

    What’s “commercial writing”? Marketing brochures, ad copy, newsletters, direct mail campaigns, video/CD-ROM scripting, speeches, sales sheets, proposals, web content, and so much more.

    Veteran commercial freelancer Bob Bly, known as the freelance writing “guru” for his 35+ writing titles, says of commercial freelancing: “I know of no other arena of writing so lucrative yet so easy to get started in.”

    The Well-Fed Writer will take you step-by-detailed-step through, indeed, everything you need to know to quickly get your share of this exciting and highly lucrative arena of freelancing.

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