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    You have probably thought about the thought of looking into someone’s whatsapp messages without coming in contact with their phone. Hacking on IM app- through the hacking tool a hacker can spy on IM chats, view all the call logs done onto it, group chatting, distributed multimedia files like videos and photos. The IM application that hacking tool hack is Skype, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Viber, Series, Wechat and many more. Once there, you should see a QR code like the one above. That web page also offers instructions for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

    Later WhatsApp updated a Legal web page affirming Your Messages are yours, and we can not read them at any cause.” We’ve built end-to-end encryption, security features, personal privacy it doesn’t store it once they get delivered. Goto Whatsapp, send where you are to anyone. It will share that artificial location to person. Did you just send an incorrect message to the incorrect person on WhatsApp? You needn’t panic. There continues to be a way to delete it. Just choose the message press ‘Delete’ on the top bar which has other options like reply, tag star, copy, forward and information.

    Having said that, here’s ‘s set of the best features you may take advantage of on WhatsApp. Throughout this article, we have pointed out that WhatsApp itself cannot easily be hacked because its text messages are encrypted. For everyday users, this means that there are extremely few ways to circumvent these protections. Although, WhatsApp doesn’t offer this feature within itself, you can get third party apps that let you lock the application with a security password or PIN. This will prevent anyone from being able to gain access to your WhatsApp chats even if indeed they have access to your mobile device.

    Read receipts is the dual blue ticks that shows the seen position of a therapeutic massage. If you do not enjoy it, you can turn it OFF by heading to Settings > Accounts > Personal privacy and disable Read Receipts. WhatsApp will soon change this behaviour by presenting a standalone button for making group phone calls, but only in group chats. Simply tap on the button, choose the friends you wish to call and then choose if it will be voice or video call. This feature also arrived only in the iOS beta version of the app (v2.18.363).

    Another important form of WhatsApp tips includes those of the prevention of chats from other people reading the same. WhatsApp wouldn’t help in the security of chats from the onlookers or snoopers. However, by making use of the 3rd party apps that are available on Android that can protect your chat with the aid of some PIN or password. Several other apps you can use to safeguard your private chats include Smart AppLock , Try Messenger , and Chat Block for the Android users. For the Windows users, the applications include WhatsApp Locker and for BlackBerry users, the users can try the Whats Messenger app for acquiring their discussions or chats on WhatsApp.

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