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    No more D-list Bachelors! Channel 10 execs are said to have earmarked a $5million ‘talent budget’ for the 2022 seasons, and are considering several high-profile stars, including Shane (left) and Dr Chris Brown (right)

    ‘Everybody’s trying to make accommodations for the smoke. And I think it´s becoming a reality for us, unfortunately,’ Diane Nelson said. ‘I just think that the smoke and the fires have gotten bigger, hotter and faster-moving.’

    The next Bachelor? It comes after speculation Channel 10 has hatched a plan to save The Bachelor from cancellation by seeking a famous suitor for next year’s season. Pictured: Shane with his three children 

    ‘I have been approached’: Dr Chris Brown addresses rumours… Channel 10’s ‘$5million’ plan to save The Bachelor as they… EXCLUSIVE: What Shane Warne is REALLY like (from the man who… Shane Warne is ‘still using Tinder’ at 51 because ‘he…

    Now I hear that Chadlington, who made his fortune after setting up two international lobbying and PR groups, Shandwick and Huntsworth, will next month be named chairman of the Gambling Commission, responsible for regulating the National Lottery and gambling operators. 

    Shortly before his birth in New York in 1964, a man called Boris did a favour for 23-year-old Stanley Johnson and his then wife Charlotte, 22, by helping them get a much-needed seat on a Greyhound bus. 

    A California fire that gutted hundreds of homes advanced toward Lake Tahoe on Wednesday as thousands of firefighters tried to box in the flames and tourists who hoped to boat or swim found themselves looking at thick yellow haze instead of alpine scenery

    On Tuesday, President Joe Biden declared that a major disaster exists in California and ordered federal aid made available to local governments, agencies and fire victims in four northern counties ravaged by blazes dating back to July 14. 

    The letter comes as big tech companies are increasingly under fire in regard to child safety on their platforms. At a hearing last month with the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter, the tech leaders were slammed by both Democrats and Republicans who accused the companies of exploiting kids to make money. 

    After the Government’s gimmicky appointment of cricketing legend Lord Botham as trade envoy to Australia, will his new chums Down Under overlook his memorable remark that ‘Aussies are big and empty — just like their country’?

    Cuomo said the commutations and Situs Judi Slot Online pardons were to ‘harness the power of redemption, encourage those who have made mistakes to engage in meaningful rehabilitation, and empower everyone to work toward a better future for themselves and their families.’

    Google has received blowback in the past for its treatment of children on its services. Two years ago, the FTC slapped the company with a record $170 million fine, as well as new requirements, for Google-owned YouTube’s violation of COPPA. In response, the video site made major changes to how it treats videos for kids, including limiting the data it collects from those views. 

    Andrew Cuomo commuted the sentences of five felons – including three who were involved in murders – and pardoned five more in his final days as governor before he leaves office and files for his $50,000 pension. 


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    But the lawmakers cite research from last month by child advocacy nonprofits that examined more than 150 apps that are part of the program and found that almost half of them share user data with outside parties. 

    The appointment, in the gift of the Culture department, will be a welcome distraction from his failed attempts to launch a £750 million UK-China investment fund with David Cameron, which might have made both of them incredibly rich.

    Five men – including a teenage murderer, a cop killer, a member of the ‘Brooklyn Six’ and a serial teenage robber who locked a McDonald’s employee in the freezer – had their sentences commuted and will be freed from prison.

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    ‘Cuomo must continue to take action in his remaining days in office by granting far more clemencies to the many incarcerated New Yorkers who can be safely released today to rejoin their families and serve their communities.’ 

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