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    Whatsapp is the most common instant messaging application on Google Play and App Store. How: On iOS, double touch on any message and touch on the star icon to tag it. To think it is again, all you have to do is tap on the chat’s name, and touch on Starred Communications to see all the messages you’ve designated out. On Android, just press down on the message then click the star icon near the top of the screen. To find your starred communications, just strike the three dots icon in the top-right and got to Starred Messages.

    Whatsapp only allowed 50 telephone numbers in a group, and as some people got two accounts, that meant that used only 40 people could easily get in. Moreover, the group administrator acquired to do all an individual management with no likelihood of delegating the work to other people. This meant that the first one who had a small idea to make the group was on the hook for being bugged by loads of people wanting to get in.

    That one is quite simple but effective as well. Take your finger and swipe a message from right to still left. This will expose the Message Info screen, which includes both the Read” and the Delivered” time. Same with Nokia Symbian mobile phones and Windows phones, WhatsApp won’t be backed on BlackBerry by the finish of 2016. g) Now, set up Spoof Communications App in your smartphone.

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    The WhatsApp messaging program is the widely used instant messaging program used for sending one on one and group messages to your contacts- they have made life simpler for people especially those who are always on the road. It is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to switch messages and never have to pay for SMS. In addition to basic messaging the users can create groups, send one another unlimited images, video and audio media messages.

    verify your downloaded whatsapp by the confirmation code sent to your friend’s phone. You can touch on Edit, choose the chat threads, and press the Read All option at the bottom to indicate the pending communications as read. That helps out when you want to avoid scrolling through group chats. The feature can be toggled by upgrading to the latest version, 2.19.20, from the Apple App Store , then heading to Settings” -> Account” -> Privacy” before switching Screen Lock” probar este sitio web on.

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