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the main reason is fear. many of these girls are scraed to death and with reason, having a child is a major decision.there are resources but not enough we need adequate sexual health information (Not just preaching about abstinence), we need access to information, access to services. many girls are afraid to see a GYN. contraception prices are now going up it will prevent women from getting services. also, many planned parenthoods that offer sliding-scale fees are not allowed in a community or are protested against this would make the girl fearful to go to a clinic. also, boys have to be involved too.and this is a problem for society, not just the individual (we are in the social science category here guys). the usa has the highest rate of teen pregnancy for any industrialized country – find out why we will be able to work towards solving our problem. a lot has to do with our being prudes, bush’s plans for abstinence and not real education, and christian right groups. yes, we don’t want to talk about it just wish it away but it won’t go away on its own . Was this answer helpful?