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Oh, that is awful. Those payday loans are very diflicuft to get out from under once they hook you. That has to be your priority now, to retire that debt and get away from those soul-suckers.I am with the poster above me get a roommmate, get a night job, do whatever it takes. A lot of people make the mistake of things their wants are their needs . You don’t need a cell phone or cable TV. You want those things. Switch to a phone with pre-paid service in $20 blocks of time. It will save you monthly cell phone fees (if you don’t have an existing contract that will cost you $$ to break). Good luck. I was in debt for many years and once I finally got out, I tell you it is always a careful decision to spend money. My car is 14 years old but I own a home. You have to adjust your priorities and right now you have got to make that payday loan enemy #1 to get paid off!