Weekly Chinese Lesson – Swimming = 游泳

篮球 is pronounced Yóuyǒng (pinyin) or yo yong. Swimming is all that’s on our mind lately – been watching all the Olympics and so many memorable performances. We also started swimming lessons for Juneau, got annual passes to our local pool complete with water park, and recently ventured into swimming in the harbor off our sailboat. read more

Weekly Chinese Lesson – Basketball = 篮球

篮球 is pronounced Lánqiú (pinyin) or lahn cho. As one might expect, 篮 means basket, and 球 means ball. Our oldest did a week of basketball camp. I think in retrospect he is a tad young for it, but everyone is different. Also looking forward to the beginning of basketball in the Olympics. If you haven’t already seen […] read more

Weekly Chinese Lesson – Airplane = 飞机

飞机 is pronounced Fēi jī (pinyin) or or fay jee, both syllables are pronounced with neutral emphasis. 飞 is also the verb for to fly. In this case, the simplification of the traditional character – 飛 – to 飞 somewhat makes the word easier, but isn’t nearly as fun to write. read more